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Python 2 final project

The goal of the DAT-129 project is to expand on a concept we've previously explored in python 2 and develop a sharable, documented, and working functional program.

Check out this sample sentiment analysis project by Dominic in Fall 2018:

bookProject specification


Create a culminating project in the Python language that demonstrates solid scripting design and thoughtful program design utilizing methods for modularity

expand a mini-project

You are invited to review the mini projects we created for individual weeks in Python 2 and design a set of specifications which enhance that program's functionlaity or robustness.

You might consider:

  • Adding validation to user inputs
  • Creating more flexible input models for various dictionary parsing methods
  • Creating new or cool functionality

For many students, planning to invest an additional 8-12 hours in a coding project will be reasonable

document document!

Use your newly developed markdown skills to create an information/overview page for your project that will accompany your work when you upload it to github (or any other code sharing tool). Include in your documentation SCREEN SHOTS of your program working so students in the future can decide if they want to invest more time in exploring your project.

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