Objective category: Data interchange with python

Python.DataInterchange (PY.INTER.*)


Objective Group: APIs
BeautifulSoup (official documentation)

Objective group: Application Programming Interfaces (API)

Objective group Objective ID Objective text
EXP: Exploring the Inquiry Process D.INQ.EXP.1 Discuss why data analytics as a field is concerned with more than only generating compelling statistical questions and answers
D.INQ.EXP.2 Classify information extracted from a given peer-reviewed statistical study into the stages of the Inquiry Process
D.INQ.EXP.3 Research and describe an instance where statistical insights were suffocated by a lack of alignment between statistical study design and broader managerial concerns


General API Resources

Project-specific resources

program objective

assemble statistics on project by keyword

program requirement 1

The program currently is assembling data about the average cost of all projects which match a keyword in a file. We are also gathering bunches of other project data. Tweak the existing code to create a tally of how many of the projects in each keyword category are classified as "studentLed" which is a key in a dictionary inside the returned JSON file

CIT-130: Object-oriented programming 1 & CIT-244: OO-2

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