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DAT-281: Project in Data Analytics

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Collaborative Git Practice

course date wk no. session links learning objectives out-of-class work
DAT-281 Mon

Intro to course

  • Round robin: project ideas
  • Content brainstorming
DAT-281 Mon

Discussed project management paradigms

Develop a high-level view of a project management flow

For 15-Feb'21: Distill your project ideas down to a Statement of Work (SOW, what are you going to do?) to guide the development of your project & document that inquiry question in a evolving project management flow diagram of your design.

Get your hands on a dataset of some scale related to your inquiry question, or at least have attempted a search for one

Post either in the shared google directory or on your git repository for feedback from peers next week.

DAT-281 Mon

Review of project idea seeds

  • Project planning steps
  • Suggestions for additional steps

Continue honing your driving project questions. Create a draft project plan containing key milestone and the threads which interleave to arrive at your core deliverables on schedule.

DAT-281 Mon

Collaborative Git

  • Creating branches
  • Pushing branches
  • Merging and merge conflicts
  • Pull requests

Students will use git from the command line to create new branches and then use github.com to request inclusion of that branch's commits via a pull requests. Cope with merge conflicts during branch collapse.

Push a rough project plan to your git repository's remote location. Practice cloning down a peer's repository, creating a change on a unique branch, push that branch, and create an online pull request.

DAT-281 Mon

Students will use the git logging tools to successfully navigate a number of collaborative git processes.

DAT-281 Mon

Guest Speaker

Absent Will Walker

Spring '21 TODO

In preparation for the 15-March, for next week, please prepare and push to a remote git repo a project plan, including your inquiry question, primary data sets, analytical strategy, and milestones with target dates which, if adhered to, would likely guide your work all the way to a completed project.

DAT-281 Mon

Project plan peer review

Prepare for a formal informal sharing of your project plan for feedback.

DAT-281 Mon

Peer review of model output(s)

Goal: Mock or actual visualization of variables which inform answers to your central inquiry question.

DAT-281 Mon
- Spring break: No Class all week! Renew, rejuvinate, refactor! Catch up if you're behind.
DAT-281 Mon

Session Recording

Activity Flow charting

Sample activity flow from steve

Create an activity flow diagram which supports achivement of milestones and includes activity relationships (PMBOK Precedence diagramming method

Create a draft of your activity sequence, including the milestone(s) to which they contribute. Ideally you have this in a sharable location, such as an image of paper pushed to a git repo or an image export from a drawing application, such as diagrams.net.

DAT-281 Mon

Review activity flow diagrams

Build activity scheduling facilities to attach to our activities.

Estimate time requirements for activities to create a realistic milestone achivement timeline.

DAT-281 Mon

Collaborative project worktime

Consider a download and install of the Microsoft Corporation's Project planning tool from Imagine. Watch email for install instructions from Paula.

DAT-281 Mon

MS Project Tinkering with Paual

DAT-281 Mon

Project Worktime

DAT-281 Mon
14 7:00pm Start: Final session; final project sharing Push revised work to your git repository